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DAVID BYRNE ON TOUR - songs of david byrne and brian eno
A night of delirious, intoxicating, weird fun.
Daily Telegraph ****
Live music really doesn’t get any better than this.  Breathlessly brilliant.
Evening Standard *****
Byrne is as inventive as he ever was.
Guardian ****
Stunning. This is one of those gigs that touches greatness.
Independent *****
Relentlessly captivating.

Much like their eccentric author, these avant-pop classics simply never grow old.
The Times ****
This is a wonderful show.
Mail On Sunday *****
Best of 2009
A round-up of the year's best live acts.
David Byrne, at The Big Chill
"...There’s no denying this is a true musical genius who still looks and sounds passionate about his craft and doesn’t just go through the motions."
The Birmingham Post, 8.11.09
David Byrne @ Edinburgh Playhouse, 8 Aug
"Suddenly, perhaps during Life Is Long (where a white-suited Byrne and his similarly attired dancers swivel in unison on their office chairs) it all starts making sense."
The Skinny, 8.11.09
David Byrne, Southampton Guildhall, UK
"In the end, everyone danced."
Financial Times, 8.6.09
David Byrne's live show: the highlight of the year
"I... was absolutely blown off my feet, through the seat, out the door, and six miles into the sky."
Boing Boing, 8.4.09
David Byrne leaves crowd spilling into the aisles
"Byrne had great fun with three dancers, becoming a white-haired Kylie who allowed them to slide between his legs, leapfrog him and harass his backing singers."
Evening Standard, 8.4.09
David Byrne to the bone
"Bij een energieke versie van Houses In Motion wordt duidelijk hoe ingenieus de show soms in elkaar steekt."
OOR, 8.3.09
Lokerse Feesten Dag 2 - David Byrne en Donna Summer
"David Byrne scóórde in Lokeren."
Knack Focus, 8.2.09
Burning down Ferrara
"David Byrne, l'uomo che ha reinventato il funky e ricostruito un ponte tra l'alienazione urbana e l'essenza primitiva del ritmo, con una fantasia senza precedenti..."
Loud Vision, 7.26.09
Strepitoso Byrne a Sant'Elmo con 2 stop
"Tutto in bianco sotto cielo blu di Napoli. Mister David Byrne."
Corriere del Mezzogiorno, 7.24.09
David Byrne in "Song of David Byrne and Brian Eno" @ Auditorium
"Finiranno tra gli applausi adoranti degli pubblico per uno spettacolo coinvolgente e suggestivo..."
Rivista, 7.21.09
Koncert és színház egyben
"Fergeteges koncertet... Ritkán látni ilyen bulizó tömeget a teátrumban."
Magyar Hírlap, 7.16.09

David Byrne a Quartnak
"A – mondjuk úgy finoman és önkritikusan: nem fiatal - közönség, amely rendesen megtöltötte a Millenáris Teátrumot, kezdettől fogva roppant lelkes volt."
Quart, 7.16.09

Ostravský festival měl ostré africko-americké finále
"David Byrne vystupoval v Česku už několikrát, jeho nedělní koncert na Colours of Ostrava však předešlá angažmá předčil repertoárem i nasazením."
Hospodářské Noviny, 7.14.09
Playboy o stępionych kłach
"Byrne potwierdził, że wciąż potrafi intrygować i czarować głosem, publiczność nagradzała gorącymi oklaskami największe, przeboje."
Życie Warszawy, 7.14.09
David Byrne gastierte in Wien
"Tanz im Ballettröckchen entschädigt für lauen Start."
Kurier, 7.12.09
Concert by David Byrne, Summer Time Jazz Festival, Belgrade
"Concert of David Byrne was a real multimedia spectacle! Everyone who was there will remember this event for whole life."
Serbia Today, 7.10.09
Right About Now, You Funk Soul Brother: μια βραδιά με τον David Byrne
"...πλέον σχεδόν όλος ο κόσμος είναι όρθιος και οι ελάχιστοι που κάθονται στις θέσεις τους, το “παλεύουν” να μην σηκωθούν."
Cosmo, 7.8.09
Review: David Byrne Live
"Πληθώρα ηχοχρωμάτων, θεατρικά στοιχεία, ένα David Byrne να ηγείται ιδανικά σε φωνή-ηλεκτρική κιθάρα-χορευτικά, μια μπάντα να βγάζει μάτια με την εκτελεστική της δεινότητα, έναν ήχο ανήκουστο για ελληνικά δεδομένα, μια διοργάνωση πρωτοφανή για ελληνικά δεδομένα."
MEN 24, 7.8.09
David Byrne awes Greek Theatre audience
"...Byrne stood in the middle of it all looking like the ring master of one of the greatest shows on earth."
NBC Bay Area, 6.30.09
Friday Night: David Byrne at the Greek Theatre
"Shifting lights in primary colors and Byrne's playful interaction with the dancers... as well as a constant re-configuring of the musicians, kept things more than fresh."
SF Weekly, 6.27.09
Review: David Byrne @ the Paramount
"The last things anyone remembers from Wednesday's David Byrne concert at the Paramount: sequins, pom-poms, drums, brass, bare male chests, and female rump flesh."
The Seattle Times, 6.25.09

What I learned at the David Byrne show last night
"The dancers, the music, the big and sexy surprise at the end... it was a visual and aural feast unlike anything I’ve experienced."
BikePortland.org, 6.24.09
Live Review: David Byrne And DeVotchKa, Morrison, CO, June 20, 2009
"The natural acoustics of Red Rocks boded well for Byrne and his 10 stage performers, with warm reverberating bass tones and vocals that seemed to carry miles away from the hills of Morrison."
Magnet, 6.23.09
Byrne delights crowd with quirk
"...Byrne could pull off a Beehive State hat trick with no complaints."
The Salt Lake Tribune, 6.22.09
Aftermath: David Byrne at Jones Hall
"'Life During Wartime' - which drew a rapturous cheer when Byrne got to the line about Houston - may say 'This ain't no party, this ain't no disco, this ain't no fooling around... no time for dancing, for lovey-dovey' but Byrne was obviously lying."
Houston Press, 6.16.09
Byrne's show was a perfect blast from the past
"...Byrne hurtled along with an admirable intensity, perfectly at ease amid the striking displays of expressionistic athleticism."
Fort Worth Star-Telegram, 6.16.09
Bonnaroo: David Byrne, St. Vincent, Grizzly Bear, TV on the Radio
"I luxuriated in the richness of his work, grateful for the reach of his influence 30 or so years after he first appeared on the music scene."
Wall Street Journal: Speakeasy, 6.13.09
From the Bonnaroo Beacon: Once In A Lifetime
"Friday saw Al Green on the Main Stage passing the symbolic torch to David Byrne on the Which Stage, who covered “Take Me to the River” and name checked the R&B legend..."
Relix, 6.13.09

David Byrne Gives Record Start to ‘Celebrate Brooklyn’
"As fit and dynamic as ever, with his backup singers and ensemble dancers all dressed in his signature all-white, Byrne performed at full tilt through the two-hour set."
Brooklyn Daily Eagle, 6.10.09

David Byrne played Eno-songs @ Celebrate Brooklyn's Prospect Park Bandshell in NYC
"One older couple, who I'm sure had to be around when Byrne hit the scene in '75, went from joking with their granddaughter about the pot smell in the air to cutting a serious rug for the set's high-density end."
BrooklynVegan, 6.9.09
And You May Find Yourself in a Beautiful House: David Byrne @ Wolf Trap
"Much of the show’s abundant warmth was a built-in feature of the music. Byrne and Eno have made a record that pulls off the hat trick of expressing uncertainty while feeling deeply soulful."
DCist, 6.8.09
Byrne delivers a visual treat at CMAC
"Byrne? You can dance to his malevolence."
Democrat and Chronicle, 6.3.09
David Byrne tears up the 'Green'
"He plays each of his songs as if they’re bursting forth for the first time."
Burlington Free Press, 6.2.09

O regresso triunfal de David Byrne a Lisboa
"Cantor actuou durante quase duas horas no Coliseu dos Recreios."
Diário de Notícias, 4.29.09

Byrne deita a casa abaixo
"A adoração do público motivou três encores."
Destak, 4.29.09
El espectáculo integral
"Como la Alianza de Civilizaciones aquélla, pero más divertido."
El Pais, 4.29.09
Byrne, la permanente revolución sonora
"El cantante dejó en el auditorio de Oviedo su peculiar sello, mezcla de rock, músicas del mundo y baile."
La Nueva España, 4.26.09

Nada ha cambiado, pero nada es igual
"Incendió la casa, vaya si la incendió. Enorme Byrne."
La Vanguardia, 4.26.09

David Byrne refresca las esencias del pop-rock en el nuevo milenio y ¡Oe, oe, oe, oe!
"El músico presenta en el Palau de la Música su disco grabado con Brian Eno."
La Vanguardia, 4.25.09

Suoni e visioni di David Byrne
"L'ex Talking Heads scuote il Dal Verme tra elettronica, tribalità e sound metropolitano."
MilanoDabere.it, 4.22.09

David Byrne @ Teatro Filarmonico (VR)
"Se siete nei paraggi, fate carte false per avere un biglietto. Ne vale la pena."
NextPlay, 4.21.09
David Byrne travolge il pubblico de La Fenice
"Teatro esaurito, tre bis ed un pubblico entusiasta che balla tra una fila di poltroncine e l’altra."
GoMarche.it, 4.20.09
David Byrne im Volkshaus: Der Mann im Strom
"Leidenschaft, Spannung, Humor, Erlösung: David Byrne gab im Zürcher Volkshaus ein sensationelles Konzert."
Basler Zeitung, 4.20.09

Vordenker mit Kultfaktor
"Der Frontalangriff auf die Sinne drückt das Publikum zunächst in die Bestuhlung."
Eklinger Zeitung, 4.18.09

David Byrne: New Theatre
"The band were as slick as the dance troupe, the rhythm section of Paul Frazier (bass), Mauro Refosco (percussion) and Graham Hawthorne (drums) keeping a powerful groove going that would provide a significant boost to the national grid..."
The Oxford Times, 4.16.09

David Byrne, Royal Festival Hall, London
"It may not have been the Mudd Club or CBGB, but for a while on Easter Sunday, the wide wooden expanse of the Royal Festival Hall certainly felt like it was."
The Independent, 4.16.09

Once in a lifetime live music from David Byrne
"Eno himself — dressed in white of course — added backing vocals to the heartbreaking lullaby Everything That Happens."
Evening Standard, 4.14.09

Review: David Byrne, Royal Concert Hall
"It could well be the gig of the year (and, yes, I know it's only April)."
This is Nottingham, 4.13.09

Review: David Byrne, National Concert Hall, Dublin
"You can't take your eyes off a group who look like they are members of a benign cult."
Irish Independent, 4.8.09

Music Review: David Byrne, Philharmonic Hall, Liverpool
"The cries of 'Go on Davy, lad!' which marked his arrival on stage created an atmosphere somewhere between an art-school rock concert and a darts match..."
Liverpool Echo, 4.6.09

David Byrne: Gig of the Week
"This stunning show - executed with theatrical flair - reaffirmed the power of music played live."
The Sunday Mail, 4.5.09
David Byrne: The Sage, Gateshead
"It's relentlessly captivating..."
The Observer, 4.5.09

Talking Heads' David Byrne speaks to us before his upcoming Nottingham gig
"Each record was more sophisticated and ambitious than the last, on each one Eno and Byrne's collaborations more extensive."
This is Nottingham, 4.3.09

It's all white on the night
"Around the music, the dancers spun magic and fun while Byrne himself was all presence."
Evening Chronicle, 4.2.09

David Byrne, Glasgow Royal Concert Hall
"This is an eleven piece touring outfit in which the players and the dancers are all equal component parts..."
The Herald, 4.2.09

David Byrne at the Royal Concert Hall in Glasgow: Drawings by Jenny Soep
"In other gigs I've been transported, emotionally blown about, captivated, inspired, physically moved, but in this I was all of the above plus inspired purely to remember the fun part of what it is to be an artist and aim to do something different."
Drawing the Experience, 3.31.09

David Byrne at Colston Hall, Bristol
"The show was punctuated by low-key but striking theatrical touches, including a trio of dancers who drew the singer into many of their gymnastic gyrations."
The Times, 3.30.09

Working overtime to reinvent the past
"It sounds remarkable, a reinvention rather than a recreation of the past."
The Guardian, 3.28.09

Letter From Paris: David Byrne Burns Down the Olympia
"The show was a happening--a rock modern dance--the choreography young, loose, and urban, a David Byrne Appalachian Spring."
The Huffington Post, 3.27.09

Sur scène, David Byrne fait revivre son partenariat créatif avec Brian Eno
"Le show s'équilibre alors parfaitement entre hédonisme, intensité urbaine et les moments rêveurs de Everything That Happens plus tourné vers une pop élégiaque."
Le Monde, 3.26.09

Kriebelend Onderbenengevoel Bij Theatershow David Byrne
"Dat dit geen standaard rockconcert is, wordt vanaf de start..."
OOR, 3.25.09

David Byrne: Das beste Talking-Heads-Konzert ohne Talking Heads
"David Byrne ist der perfekte Entertainer."
Tagesspiegel, 3.24.09

David Byrne reißt die Berliner von den Sitzen
"Dann aber spricht nur noch die Musik."
Berliner Morgenpost, 3.24.09

Talking Heads Byrne wants Jacko's glove
"I don’t think I’ll be on Dancing With The Stars any time soon."
Metro UK, 3.24.09

Svängfest med David Byrne
"Folk betalar 600 spänn för de underligaste saker nuförtiden."
HD, 3.21.09

Byrne – briljant och aktuell
"Fast det är Byrnes röst på toppen; den slätas aldrig över utan behåller sin karaktär."
Sydsvenskan, 3.21.09

Byrning down the house: Sirkus Byrne inntok hovedstaden i går kveld
"David Byrne evner å mikse gammelt med nytt med full kontroll."
ABC Nyheter, 3.20.09

Dansen tar Byrne till oanade höjder
"David Byrne själv har fullt upp med sång och gitarrspel, men också han gör en del skönt spattiga moves."
SvD, 3.19.09

David Byrne på Cirkus, Stockholm
"David Byrne kan göra vilken musik som helst utan att det vare sig låter eller ser omodernt ut."
Dagens Nyheter, 3.19.09

David Byrne: stay hungry
"...his own creative energy seems like a marvel from an outside perspective, although he sees it as something steady, plodding and reliable."
The Daily Telegraph, 3.16.09

Ein wenig hüftsteif, aber mit Würde: David Byrne in der Alten Oper
"Die neue Show ist denn auch eine Melange aus Musik, Tanz und Bilderflut."
Wormser Zeitung, 3.15.09

Schaut auf diese Hände!
"Der Perfektionist Byrne überlässt nichts dem Zufall, die Show ist bis auf kleinste eckige Bewegungen seiner rechten Hand komponiert, inklusive von artistischen Einlagen wie der Grätsche, bei der Byrne als Bock dient."
Frankfurter Allgemeine, 3.15.09

David Byrne op het toppunt van zijn kunnen in Antwerpen
"Een soloartiest die zegt dat hij geen solomateriaal speelt en achteraf droog opmerkt dat daar wel erg lang voor geapplaudiseerd wordt, is een man naar ons hart."
De Morgen, 3.12.09

David Byrne remains in the light
"...in melodically sweet, rhythmically vicious, naively gorgeous songs both old and very new, Byrne clutches his guitar and dances..."
The Village Voice, 3.3.09
David Byrne breaks out Brian Eno-era Talking Heads classics, tutus for Radio City gigs
"...a tutu-wearing Byrne and his band were besieged by a flood of dancers that came storming out for a 30-leg kickline..."
Rolling Stone, 3.2.09
David Byrne wows Radio City Music Hall
"David Byrne was born in 1952, so I’m not sure how it’s possible that he was the most vital, energetic person in attendance at his sold-out Radio City Music Hall concert last night. But he was."
Vanity Fair, 2.28.09
Byrne brings it all together at Queen E.
"I would be a fool to ignore the now unthinkable exclusion of Byrne's three dancers, Steven Reker, Natalie Kuhn, and the exceptional Lily Baldwin."
North Shore News, 2.27.09
Byrne still knows no musical boundaries
"It's not easy to define the music at a Byrne concert because he's always defied classifications."
Calgary Herald, 2.25.09
Byrne Down the House
"Between him and Eno, every bizarre sound you wish was on shock jock radio today was brewed in their nerd rock labs."
Edmonton Sun, 2.23.09

David Byrne Makes Sense Of His Tour
"Byrne deconstructed the intricate production (including seven musicians, three dancers, choreography, and costumes) while on a ferry to New Zealand’s Waiheke Island."
New York Magazine, 2.22.09

David Byrne stakes out his own territory
"What’s most striking about David Byrne is the way he’s remained current by ignoring trends and staking out his own personal territory."
Straight.com, 2.21.09
Twice in a lifetime
"Crosseyed and Painless is the song that has the audience streaming forth from their seats down to the front of the stage, unable to hold their feet any longer..."
New Zealand Listener, 2.21.09
So much more than just a talking head
"New Wave is officially back, and it comes in the form of a seasoned professional."
Beat Route, 2.09
Byrning down the house
"Byrne's current songs were reflective and nuanced, artfully incorporating African rhythms and ambient elements."
Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 2.19.09
Review: Songs of David Byrne and Brian Eno at the ASB Theatre
"Cue our local legend [Neil Finn], to the unbridled delight of the packed house, as the pair shared verses on a stunningly rendered take of Heaven."
The New Zealand Herald, 2.16.09
Byrne dishes up a diverse, satisfying menu
"...this was an absorbing and entertaining musical menu."
The Age, 2.11.09
REVIEW: David Byrne, Hamer Hall Melbourne, February 9, 2009
"Art school student Byrne gives as much attention to the visual as he does to the setlist."
, 2.10.09

【ライブnote】デヴィッド・バーン SHIBUYA−AX
The Sankei Shimbun, 2.8.09

Talking Heads' David Byrne celebrates Brian Eno influence
"For 30 years, David Byrne's challenge has been to get people dancing in a way that is not only entertaining but intellectually interesting."
The Courier Mail, 2.8.09
David Byrne @ Perth Zoo 02/04/09
"Byrne and Brian Eno do pop the way Andy Warhol did pop."
FasterLouder.com.au, 2.7.09
【ステージ】 デビッド・バーン 太い吸引力で圧倒
The Asahi Shimbun, 2.3.09
Byrne celebrates long musical life with Brian
"...startling in its theatricality as well as its musicianship..."
The Australian, 2.3.09
Byrne Down The House
"Byrne is a confident, mesmerising presence on stage, and the musical virtuosity of the band leaves little to doubt."
Straits Times, 1.24.09
Former Talking Heads leader plays one heck of an eccentric concert
"Former Talking Heads leader David Byrne played one heck of an eccentric concert on Monday night at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre."
South China Morning Post, 1.21.09
Best concerts of 2008
"The only concert this year to get a perfect rating..."
Toronto Sun, 1.5.09
Genius, anyone?
"If there were any doubters...they were surely converts by the end of the enthralling and exhilarating show, one that magically combined musical nuance, lyrical poetry, communal spirituality and frenzied dancing."
Brattleboro Reformer, 12.18.08
The best concerts of 2008
"Although he was missing in the flesh, the spirit of former Talking Heads producer and Byrne collaborator Brian Eno loomed large on nearly every note..."
Chicago Sun-Times, 12.16.08
Saturday Night: David Byrne at The Fillmore Miami Beach
"Better Than: Just about any show you've ever been to. Really."
Miami New Times, 12.15.08
Miami Beach audience hears ageless music from Byrne of famed Talking Heads
"There were plenty of folks at the sold-out Fillmore Miami Beach who exulted to Talking Heads back in the late 70s and early 80s, but they were outnumbered by screaming, dancing 20-somethings who weren't even born when songs like Take Me To The River (1978) came out."
The Miami Herald, 12.14.08
Byrne Show Is Piece Of Musical Art
"Byrne's art is inclusive and celebratory. The show could be appreciated on a cerebral level, but that's for later, after you're worn out from dancing."
The Tampa Tribune, 12.13.08
David Byrne at Tampa Theatre review, pics and setlist
"I looked around and found pretty much the whole place getting down."
Creative Loafing, 12.13.08
David Byrne dazzles with spectacular show
"During the show the band used office chairs, ballet tutus and a trio of talented dancers to illustrate the music."
The Post and Courier, 12.10.08
David Byrne
"Confident, wide-eyed, and clad all in whte, Byrne's nearly two-hour set (including three encores) jumped from his latest recordings to his earliest work on which Eno worked as a studio producer."
Charleston City Paper, 12.9.08
David Byrne serves it up
"He remains a peerless showman, in his own quirky way, shaking a leg and showing off impressive moves while never missing a note on his guitar..."
The News & Observer (Raleigh, NC) 12.9.08
A study in forward motion
"... Byrne seemed to be leading an art-rock tent revival. Like much of his greatest work, this restless artist seemed to be always in motion."
The Berkshire Eagle, 12.9.08
David Byrne concert 'magical'
"There was nothing close to ordinary about Friday night's David Byrne concert at Foxwoods' Fox Theatre. In fact, it was more a performance piece than a rock concert."
Connecticut Post, 12.6.08
A total experience
"It was the kind of show that made people dance on park benches afterwards, sent adults leaping happily across the late-night Main Street intersection in Northampton like ecstatic kids."
Daily Hampshire Gazette, 12.4.08
The Grand gets Byrned up: Talking Heads singer wows the sellout crowd
"Once in a lifetime, you get to see a concert where the band performs three separate encore sets. Where the fanbase is so fanatical that the crowd gives the musicians a standing ovation after only their fifth song of the night."
Delaware Online, 12.4.08
Byrne still Dazzles
"'You're a genius,' an audience member appreciatively yelled to the man in white..."
The Daily Collegian, 12.4.08

Byrne, Baby, Byrne
"For most of the two-hour show, three dancers swooped, pirouetted, leaped and mimed, sometimes in tandem with Byrne’s three backing singers, often with ecstatic energy, as if grooving privately to the music with just a few more choreography lessons under their belts than the rest of us."
Syracuse New Times, 12.3.08

Review: David Byrne at the Calvin
"Dressed clinically all in white — pants, shirts and shoes — Byrne and band belied their ascetic appearance with an outpouring of joy in the music they made and in the spectacle that surrounded it: three backup singers and three dancers who made the show as much a visual experience as a musical one."
Hartford Courant, 12.3.08
Byrne-ing down the house
"During a Nov. 8 show at the Tower Theater in Upper Darby, Byrne, who has never been in better voice, and his band blended songs from those albums into a spellbinding show that was sonically and visually dazzling."
Intelligencer Journal (Lancaster PA), 12.2.08
Byrne Brings 'Eno' to Shows
"Rebranded Clair Global is providing SR for the current David Byrne tour..."
Mix, 12.1.08
Byrne-ing Down the House
"Even before he'd played a note, David Byrne stood in the big applause Saturday at the Landmark Theatre."
The Post-Standard (Syracuse, NY) 11.30.08
David Byrne, Brian Eno deliver something special at UB
"The creative partnership discovered, nurtured, abandoned, and eventually rekindled between David Byrne and Brian Eno has yielded some of the most intriguing, passionate and creative pop music of the past three decades."
The Buffalo News, 11.29.08
David Byrne: 26 October 2008: Civic Opera House — Chicago, IL
"The choreographed spectacle was almost like watching a long artistic music video or a postmodern ballet with exceptionally good music."
PopMatters, 11.21.08
Where Music is Written, or Dapper LeChampagne’s Unraveling at Austin City Limits
"Hyper-flex dancers in white twisted around behind the man on stage, looking like nurses from One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest in their really wild off hours. Dapper felt his body pumping with the heart from the speakers..."
PopMatters, 11.13.08
Burning down the egg
"David Byrne, legendary front man for Talking Heads, played a sold out show of unparalleled intensity at The Egg last Wednesday. The crowd's enthusiasm and Byrne's Band's performance led to the entire house dancing like feral apes for three separate encores."
Albany Student Press, 11.11.08

Byrne's artistry brings him ovations
"...Byrne created a show that uses bodies in motion to advance the ambiguous narratives of his arty, multicultural rock music."
The Philadelphia Inquirer, 11.10.08

David Byrne provides joyful evening in concert
"...no skinny white guy with white hair ever rocked so joyously in Wimbledon whites."
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 11.8.08

Byrne-ing down the house
"This wasn't just a concert; it was a celebration, full of energy, hope and joy."
Times Union (Albany, NY) 11.7.08
Byrne offers thrilling, funky show
“ 'We woke up this morning and it was not the same America as yesterday,' mused David Byrne before playing at The Egg on Wednesday. A 75-minute set and generous encores later, he sang 'Everything That Happens Will Happen Today,' title track of his new album with Brian Eno, a gorgeous rock masterpiece about change and permanence."
The Daily Gazette (Schenectady, NY) 11.6.08
God David Byrne plays the Wang Theatre
"When Byrne touched off of My Life in the Bush of Ghosts he sang all the parts that were originally, as Byrne jokingly describes, 'Sound vocals, now called samples, soon called lawsuits.'"
The Suffolk Journal (Boston) 11.5.08
Live in Jersey: David Byrne Plays the Songs of Byrne and Eno
"As posited by Byrne and Eno lo these many years ago, the future is now and always has been."
The Village Voice, 11.4.08
Whirling heads
"...this show was a cross between a rock concert and experimental theater."
The Star-Ledger (New Jersey) 11.4.08

Review: David Byrne brings energy, enthusiasm to Borgata show
"...he created a synergy between appreciative musicians and worshipful admirers that marks the most memorable shows."
Press of Atlantic City, 11.3.08

Head hunters fired up by David Byrne
"...a spirit of emotional connection and giddy creativity..."
The Boston Herald, 11.2.08
Talking Heads frontman still burning down the house
"It seemed only fitting that on Halloween night, David Byrne's sharp and scintillating show at the Citi Wang Theatre should be a grab bag loaded with a few tricks, and plenty of treats."
The Boston Globe, 11.1.08
Review: David Byrne at Metropolis
"As Byrne sang the lines, 'Nothing has changed, but nothing's the same / and every tomorrow could be yesterday,' time compressed, and stretched — and a great artist proved himself immune to its effects."
The Gazette (Montreal), 10.31.08

Byrne burns down the house
"Byrne was accompanied by a terrifically able band, heavy on the rhythm section, as well as a trio of backup singers and another threesome of young and beautiful dancers, every one dressed head to toe in gleaming white."
The Globe and Mail (Toronto), 10.30.08

Concert Review: David Byrne, Massey Hall, Toronto
"If only every musical act could put so much thought into and exude so much energy and passion during their concerts. "
Toronto Sun, 10.30.08
David Byrne better than he ever was
"Same as he ever was? Maybe better."
The Toronto Star, 10.30.08

Concert Review: David Byrne, Toronto, October 29
"Byrne's biggest innovation on this tour is a visual one:  dancers Lily Baldwin, Natalie Kuhn, and Steven Reker expand on the vocabulary of movement that he has developed since Talking Heads' video for 'Once in a Lifetime,' exploring the interface between religious possession and technological control."
National Post — The Ampersand, 10.30.08

David Byrne: Weird and wonderful as he ever was
"Byrne's voice, warmer and more welcoming than it has ever been, served as a seamless link between past and present."
Chicago Tribune, 10.28.08
Rhythm of life: Byrne solo still echoes Eno influence
"The stage at the Civic Opera House on Sunday was a blur of rhythmic motion, with four musicians, three backing vocalists, three dancers and, of course, the reason for the sold-out crowd: venerated art-rocker David Byrne."
Chicago Sun-Times, 10.27.08
Concert Review: David Byrne, Clowes Hall, Indianapolis
"The dancers brought a sort of trickster energy to the proceedings throughout.."
Nuvo, 10.28.08
David Byrne makes senses work overtimepick
"When in doubt, we at least can grasp the tangible greatness of Byrne and his colleagues at Clowes."
Indianapolis Star, 10.26.08
Review: David Byrne
"I've been reviewing shows for years and seldom have I heard such an enthusiastic ovation as Byrne was given."
The Ann Arbor News, 10.24.08

Byrne, baby, Byrne: Former Talking Heads frontman brings new 'gospel-folk-electronic' songs to Allen Theatre, along with old favorites
"...Byrne's mind-blowing, booty-shaking music itself was a portal to a higher plane."
The Plain Dealer (Cleveland OH), 10.24.08

Byrne burns down the Palace
"Byrne was a James Brown carved out of ivory and animated by nervous tics, leading a relentless band through a series of relentless songs, and he earned a sustained, almost ecstatic ovation."
The Courier-Journal (Louisville KY), 10.21.08
Byrne burns down the Palace
"Byrne was up to his usual ways of using standard household items and incorporating them into his performance."
Metromix St. Louis, 10.20.08
Concert Review: David Byrne at the Uptown Theater, 10/19/08
"Given the amount of sweat poured onto the stage, this tour's laundry bill must be a killer."
Wayward Blog, The Pitch Kansas City, 10.20.08

Show Review + Setlist: David Byrne at the Fabulous Fox Theatre, St. Louis, October 18, 2008
"It's music for humans struggling to find the heart within the futuristic digital age."
RFT Blogs: A to Z, 10.19.08

Byrne Satisfies, and Challenges, Audience
" 'Welcome to the Fabulous Fox,' he said, musing that the venerable venue 'comes with its own adjective.' "
St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 10.19.08
Review: Iconic rocker Byrne delivers dizzy mix
"It's not often that the Holland Performing Arts Center becomes a dance club."
Omaha World-Herald, 10.17.08
Byrne's energetic art-rock is just as fun as ever
"It would be difficult to think of a second-generation rock artist who has done more to push the boundaries of rock music than David Byrne."
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 10.16.08
David Byrne @ The Pabst Theater
"Since Everything That Happens is perhaps his most wide-eyed album yet, it's only fitting that he should promote it with such a cheery tour."
Express Milwaukee, 10.15.08
David Byrne @ the Buell Theatre
"The whole place got hopping..."
Denver Post, 10.14.08
Eccles Center is off to a rollicking season
"David Byrne kicked off the Eccles Center auditorium's new season by bringing a sold-out crowd to its feet and keeping them there for most of the non-stop, two-hour show."
Park Record, 10.14.08
Review: Ex-Talking Head David Byrne still rocks theatrics
"Dressed as an angel, David Byrne is a musical miracle."
The Salt Lake Tribune
, 10.13.08
Rocker Raises the Roof at Davies Symphony Hall
"...one of the hottest sets of music to fill the Symphony Hall in recent memory."
KTVU.com, 10.9.08
David Byrne Brings Down the House
"The overriding theme of the night was a wild, psychedelic, jangly dance aesthetic, punctuated with a more mild, mid-tempo song every now and then."
Daily Nexus, 10.9.08

Concert Court: David Byrne at Ryman Auditorium 9/22/2008
"All these elements combined into a concert that ran like a fine-tuned engine with all the cylinders pumping; sound, world music rhythm, visuals, and energy, with a little passion thrown in for good measure."
The Amplifier, 10.9.08

David Byrne @ Davies Symphony Hall in San Francisco
"What a difference 30 years makes."
Popdose, 10.8.08
David Byrne | 10.07.08 | S.F.
"...seeing [Byrne] live was so unapologetically mind-blowing that all my years of hundreds of live performances seemed to pale in comparison to one wild Monday night at San Francisco's Louise M. Davies Symphony Hall."
JamBase, 10.7.08
Review: David Byrne pays tribute to Eno works in concert
"One of the greatest partnerships to ever occur in the recording studio was the pairing of vocalist-songwriter David Byrne and producer Brian Eno."
Contra Costa Times
, 10.7.08

David Byrne's Revival, Rapturously Merging '81 & '08 in Concert
"Young and old danced in the aisles; attempts to clear them by Symphony Hall staff were futile."
mog, 10.6.08

David Byrne (Greek Theater)
"Byrne and his band all wear white, and they are joined by three dancers who enhance the lightness of the presentation, darting around the mostly stationary ensemble, interacting with Byrne and the backup singers."
Variety, 10.3.08
David Byrne stages stimulating performance
"Leave it to Talking Heads alumnus David Byrne to start his concert in Phoenix on Tuesday by remarking about the clouds painted on the ceiling of Phoenix's historic Orpheum Theatre."
azcentral.com, 10.1.08
David Byrne
"The dancers' role varied from esoteric dancing with office chairs to acrobatic routines to larger numbers involving the background vocalists..."
Stereo Subversion, 9.29.08
Clad in White, Byrne and Co. Deliver Musical Heaven
"...it's physically impossible not to move to Byrne's music, yet be moved by the almost Zen sense of wonder that runs though his lyrics..."
Austin American-Statesman, 9.29.08
ACL review: David Byrne
One fine daaaaay, David Byrne sang from the AT&T stage Friday evening at Zilker Park..."
Austin Music Source, 9.26.08
Music: David Byrne
"Hey, is there always this much dancing at the Lyric Opera House?"
The Washington Post, 9.19.08
David Byrne: Same As He Ever Was
"...reciprocation of energy drove the concert, getting fans out of their seats and into the aisles, singing lyrics and dancing."
The Brown and White, 9.19.08

Photos: David Byrne [Baltimore, MD; 09/17/08]
"...Mr. Byrne pulls out all the stops and supplements his trademark songwriting and vocal stylings with backup singers, plenty of percussion, and all manner of stage acrobatics..."
Pitchfork, 9.17.08

Byrne visits outer and inner space at Zoellner
"David Byrne opened his tour on Tuesday night in Lehigh University's Zoellner Arts Center with a relentlessly entertaining, enlightening broadcast from outer and inner space."
The Morning Call, 9.17.08

David Byrne Revives His Dancing Days at Opening Show of Eno Tour
"...'Nothing is different, but nothing’s the same,' he sang, summing up the evening."
Rolling Stone, 9.17.08

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