Crazy Egypt

Rolling through the Mardi Gras
Madman on the loose
That's where I met Egypt selling
Antiques from a caboose
She's not giving discounts or anything away
What do you say? What have you got?
What do you say? What have you got?

In risky stock adventures, the back end might be sweet
Microsoft is nothing, your money's safe with me
I made a decent offer, you stared off into space
You countered my proposal by laughing in my face.
What do you say? What do you say? What do you say?

I jump into the river, dance on burning coals,
wrestle alligators or sleep out in the cold
What do you say? You say I'm crazy, Egypt?
(Crazy! Crazy!)
What do you say? Who, me? I'm crazy, Egypt?
(Crazy! Crazy!)

Santa's in the garden, the sharks are in the hall
Juke's playing Dixie Cups greatest hits, aw
What do you mean? C'mon now. What do you mean?

I'll sell you down the river on the dotted line
A reasonable assumption: even losers win sometime
Empty out your pockets, chase your tail
Creep down the escalade or to Elysian fields
What do I think? I think you're crazy, Egypt.
What do I say? I say what I think: you're crazy, Egypt!
(Crazy! Crazy!)

Me, I'm walking out of here, emptying the till
I'm calling up your lawyers and giving you the bill
That's what I think. That's what I think.
I think you've got trouble, Egypt!
(Crazy! Crazy!)

The yankee on Canal St. doesn't know which side he's on
You buy me the election, I'll sell you Japan
From an Algiers motel window to a debutante's affair
You've got everything you wanted and you're still crazy, Egypt!
You've got everything you wanted and you're still crazy, Egypt!
You've got everything, everything you wanted and you're still crazy, Egypt!
(Crazy! Crazy! Aah!)


Artist Credit
Martin Brass Engineer
Dawn Buckholz Cello
David Byrne Composer, Guest Artist, Guitar
Eden Cale Vocals (Background)
John Cale Composer, Guitar (Acoustic), Keyboards, Primary Artist, Vocal Arrangement, Vocals
Napua Davoy Vocals (Background)
Mark Deffenbaugh Guitar, Harmonica, Piccolo Guitar
Patrick Derivaz Assistant Engineer, Engineer
Susan Didericksen Vocals (Background)
Tiye Giraud Vocals (Background)
Ibrahim Hakhmoun Castanets, Drums
Hassan Hakmoun Clay Drums, Moroccan Drum, Unknown Contributor Role
Rich Lamb Engineer
Daisy Lignelli Vocals (Background)
Eric Liljestrand Engineer
Bob Ludwig Mastering
Martha Mooke Viola
Ben Neill Mutantrumpet, Unknown Contributor Role
Joanne O'Brien Vocals (Background)
Ben Perowsky Drums
Todd Reynolds Violin
E.J. Rodriguez Congas, Percussion
Erik Sanko Guest Artist, Guitar (Bass)
Soldier String Quartet Guest Artist
David Soldier Arranger, Horn Arrangements, Violin
David Tronzo Guest Artist, Guitar (Electric)
Maureen Tucker Drums, Guest Artist, Unknown Contributor Role
Jack Wall Vocal Arrangement
Oliver Williams Choir Arrangement, Vocal Arrangement
Stephen Wolstenholme Design

July Radio David Byrne Radio Presents: Todo El Mundo

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