1. America Is Waiting

America is waiting for a message of some sort or another.
Takin' it again. Again! Again! Takin' it again.
Well now... no, no... now, we ought to be mad at the government not mad at the people.

Takin' it again. Again! Again! Takin' it again.
I mean, yeah, well... wha... what're you gonna do?
America is waiting for a message of some sort or another.

No will whatsoever. No will whatsoever! Absolutely no honor.
No will whatsoever. No will whatsoever! Absolutely no integrity.
No will whatsoever. No will whatsoever!
I haven't seen any any any citizen over there stand up and say "hey, just a second."

No will whatsoever. No will whatsoever! i mean, yeah, so... wha... what're you gonna do?
America is waiting for a message of some sort or another.

2. Mea Culpa

What're you saying? He said "I'm sorry, I
Committed a sin, I made a mistake. I asked ?
To forgive me, please forgive me." He said

"Mea Culpa," can you put it better?
"I'm saying I'm sorry, I made a mistake, I
Made, I committed a sin, I made a mistake.
And I'm never gonna do it again,
I never did it before
And I'm never gonna do it again."

3. Regiment

Various Sound Samples

4. Help Me Somebody

Talkin' funny and lookin' funny and talkin' 'bout "Nobody loves(?) me" you make yourself look bad.
Help me somebody.
You need to take a good look at yourself and see if you're the kind of person that God wants you to be.
It's no big thing, it's a small thing, what... people... think(?).
Help me somebody.
There's no escape from Him. He's so high you can't get over Him. He's so low you can't get under Him. He's so wide you can't get around Him. If you make your bed in Heaven He's there. If you make your bed in Hell He's there. He's everywhere.
Woo! Help me somebody. Woo! Help me somebody.

5. The Jezebel Spirit*

Do you hear voices?
You do, so you are possessed.
You are a believer, born again
And yet you hear voices and you are possessed.
Ok, are you ready to give us a listen?
Put your hand over there.
We want this figured out.
Ok sister;
You have a Jezebel spirit within you
You have a spirit of grief
You have a spirit of destruction.
Spirit of destruction,
Spirit of grief,
I bind you with chains of iron
I bind you out of that bounded heaven.
Loosen your hold and come out of her now.
(It's no good our sister.)
Out. Out Jezebel.
Come out now
(Go ahead)
Out in the name of Jesus
Come out destruction
Come out destruction
Come out grief
Jezebel you are going to listen to me Jezebel
(Go ahead sister; keep going.
Jezebel will abandon you)
She was intended by God to be a virtuous woman
You have no right to her
Her husband is the head of the house
Out Jezebel. Out. Out.. Let Jesus in.
That's right
I break your power Jezebel
Loosen your hold on her mind
Go ahead sister
Go ahead sister
Use your head
That was easy
You can sit down now.

6. Very, Very Hungry*

Various Sound Samples

7. Moonlight in Glory

... He wasn't responsible for the act.
I've been warned...
I believe it wrong not to warn the people.
And the machine... he come upon them and strike. ...
I understand that somebody began to...
And the song began to move up.
I understand like this. Move up.
I understand like this. ... Move up.
So, they get tired.
It was come dark and rain'll make you very tired.
And then he went and knocked on an old lady house
and old lady ran to the door, say "Who is this?
" Jack say "Me, Mama-san, could we spend the night here?
Cause we're far from home, very tired.
" And old lady said "Oh yes, come on in." Said "Come on in.
" So I'm realizing I'm in trouble.
It was come dark and rain'll make you very tired.

8. The Carrier

Various Sound Samples

9. A Secret Life

Various Sound Samples

10. Come with Us

Come with Us.
Learn the Truth.
We will appear to you
From time to time.

11. Mountain of Needles

Various Sound Samples

12. Pitch to Voltage*

Various Sound Samples

13. Two Against Three*

Various Sound Samples

14. Vocal Outtakes*

Various Sound Samples

15. New Feet*

Various Sound Samples

16. Defiant*

Various Sound Samples

17. Number 8 Mix*

Various Sound Samples

18. Solo Guitar with Tin Foil*

Various Sound Samples

Qu'ran (included only on 1981 first edition)

Various Sound Samples and Verses From the Qu'ran

*included on 2006 expanded issue


2006 Album Credits

All songs written by Brian Eno + David Byrne, except as indicated.

All songs published by E.G. Music, Ltd. (BMI)-Index Music/Bleu Disque Music Co., Inc. (ASCAP)

Brian Eno and David Byrne: Guitars, basses, synthesizers, drums, percussions, found objects John Cooksey: drums, track 4 Chris Frantz: drums, track 3 Dennis Keeley: bodhran, track 2 Mingo Lewis: bata, sticks, tracks 5/8 Prairie Prince: can, bass drum, tracks 5/8 Jose Rossy: congas, agong-gong, track 7 Steve Scales: congas, metals, track 4 David van Tieghem: drums, percussion, tracks 1/3 Busta Jones: bass, track 3 Bill laswell: bass, track 1 Tim Wright: click bass, track 1 Rooks on4 courtesy April Potts, Eglingham Hall

1. America is Waiting Arranged by Brian Eno, David Byrne, Bill Laswell, Tim Wright, and David van Tieghem 2. Mea Culpa 3. Regiment (Brian Eno/David Byrne/Busta Jones) Arranged by Brian Eno, David Byrne, Busta Jones, Chris Frantz, and Robert Fripp 4. Help Me Somebody 5. The Jezebel Spirit 6. Very, Very Hungry 7. Moonlight in Glory 8. The Carrier 9. A Secret Life 10. Come with Us 11. Mountain of Needles 12. Pitch to Voltage 13. Two Against Three 14. Vocal Outtakes 15. New Feet 16. Defiant 17. Number 8 Mix 18. Solo Guitar with Tin Foil

Multimedia features! In the course of recording this album Brian and I crossed paths with artists and film-maker Bruce Conner, who lives in San Francisco. Bruce’s legendary “experimental” films are well known for their pioneering se of found footage, so it was natural that we approach him regarding the possibility of working together – which was more like suggesting he use some of the Bush of Ghosts tracks in a film or two, due to the similarities of our working methods. Conner uses mainly old educational films, science films, government footage, and film footage that people have thrown out and then recuts them to new music, creating dark and sometimes hilarious moods and visual commentaries. His work was sampling before that word existed, as was this record. The films gain an additional level of depth due to the fact that you can often guess what the footage was originally used for, and so you see it as an artifact and as something entirely new, both at the same time.

This enhanced dc contains Conner’s film to “Mea Culpa,” courtesy of Bruce Conner.               

Nonesuch Records Inc., a warner Music Group company, 1290 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10104. ℗ & ã 2006

Nonesuch Records Inc. for the United States and WEA International Inc. outside of the United States. Warning: unauthorized reproduction of this recording is prohibited by Federal law and subject to criminal prosecution.

Production By Brian Eno and David Byrne


RMP, New York, NY, August 4 & 16, 1979

Engineer: Neal Teeman Associate Engineer: Hugh Swyer

Blue Rock, New York, NY, September 5, 1979

Engineer: Eddie Dkorvin Assistant Engineer: Michael Ewasko

Eldorado, Los Angeles, CA February & March 1980

Engineer: Dave Jerden Assistant Engineer: George Sloane

Different Fur, San Francisco, CA, April 1980

Engineer: Stacy Baird Assistant Engineer: Don Mack, Howard Johnston

Sigma, New York, NY, October 1980

Engineer: John Potoker

Mastered by Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound, New York, NY, April 28, 2005

Design by Peter Buchanan-Smith

Title from the My Life in the Bush of Ghosts by Amos Tutuola (Grove Press)

Excerpt copyright ã 1954 by Grove Press. Used by permission of Grove/Atlantic, Inc.

Booklet cover image: still from a video by Brian Eno

Studio photography by Hugh Brown

Original package design by Peter Saville

Special thanks to Dave Jerden

For nonesuch Records:

Production Coordinator: Eli Cane

Editorial Coordinator: Rebert Edridge-Waks

Production Supervisor: Karina Baznicki

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