Went on what turned out to be a 30+-mile bike trip—a lot for me...

Iowa, especially central Iowa, has an incredibly beautiful, well maintained and extensive network of bike trails that stretch all over this part of the state. They link to breweries, wineries and B&Bs, so folks make little holidays of it.

Many of the trails follow creeks and rivers and are shaded by overhanging trees. Some administration in Iowa was prescient in saving the land around these waterways for public access—the rides are gorgeous and well used by both spandex folks and families too.

It’s possible that much of this riverfront property floods periodically, as it seems to have done recently, so maybe that prompted developers to stay shy of these areas.

Stopped for repairs at Ichi’s bike shop across the river—one of the craziest (in a good way) and more original bike stores I’ve ever visited. I got to test drive a hybrid BMX penny farthing with a fringe seat made out of a recycled skateboard. Also tried an electric lowrider bike (pictured below) that was amazing to ride and so easy to figure out (no clutch, no gears)—I’d never pedal again and would gain many pounds.

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