God's Child

(Hey - Hey - Hey - Hey)
(Ho - Ho - Ho - Ho)

Who calls this child to walk on her own?
(Hey - Hey - Hey - Hey)
Who leads her down this treacherous road?
(Hey - Hey - Hey - Hey)
She's dancin' to a song we can't hear
(Hey - Hey - Hey - Hey)

Caminando en calle 12
Debes estar en la escuela
Dulce angelita
De quien eres tu?

Come dance with me (ven, baila conmigo)
Come dance with me (ven, baila conmigo)
Come dance with me

God makes us dream
But won't set us free
(Hey - Hey - Hey - Hey)
God calls us dance to songs we can't hear
(Hey - Hey - Hey - Hey)

Cancion del vampiro
La gloria de amor
Es nuestro reino
Pero vean lo que hemos hecho

Come dance wit' me (ven, baila conmigo)
Come an' dance with me (quiero ser libre)
Come dance with me (ven, baila conmigo)
Como tu, como tu solo puedas bailar...oye, mira
Baila conmigo
No me dejes sola
Ven, ven, ven
No me dejes sola

Ooh, come on down
Ooh, ooh, ahh, ahh
Ah, set me free (quiero ser libre) ha!
Come dance with me (ven, baila conmigo
Ooh, ahh, with me

Happy Suicide

Largely Instrumental


Artist Credit
Rodolfo Alchourrón Guitar (Electric)
Sylvester Allen Composer
Bobby Allende Bongos, Congas, Timbales
Anand Film Music Orchestra Orchestra
Vijaya Anand Composer, Performer, Primary Artist, Unknown Contributor Role
Marc Anthony Vocals, Vocals (Background)
Basehead Unknown Contributor Role
Michael Brauer Mixing
Harold Brown Composer
Da Bush Babees Performer, Primary Artist, Unknown Contributor Role
David Byrne Composer, Executive Producer, Guitar, Harmonium, Percussion, Performer, Primary Artist, Producer, Vocals
Richard Clarke Editing, Engineer, Mixing
Paula Cole Clarinet, Composer, Performer, Primary Artist, Producer, Vocals
Margot Core Associate Supervisor
Marie Daulne Composer, Vocals
Mark De Gli Antoni Keyboards, Sampling
Marco Delmar Engineer, Mixing
Luis Diaz Composer
B.B. Dickerson Composer
Acklins Dillon Composer
M. Doughty Guitar, Vocals
Blaise Dupuy Pre-Production, Synthesizer, Synthesizer Programming
Hugo Dwyer Engineer, Mixing
Kat Egan Coordination, Project Coordinator
Yale Evelev Executive Producer, Producer
Jon Fausty Mixing
Joe Ferla Engineer, Mixing
Angel Fernandez Composer, Drum Programming, Flugelhorn, Guiro, Piano, Producer, Synthesizer, Tres, Trumpet, Vocals (Background)
Michael Franti Composer, Producer, Vocals
Yuval Gabay Drums
Geggy Tah Arranger, Mixing, Performer, Primary Artist, Producer
Lynn Geller Music Supervisor
Jerry Goldstein Composer
Andy González Bass
Scott Greenstein Executive Producer
Kip Hanrahan Producer
Brian Hardgroove Drum Programming, Drums, Editing, Mixing, Producer, Programming
Tim Hegarty Sax (Tenor)
Henry Hierro Accordion, Vocals (Background)
Danny Hoch Composer, Primary Artist, Producer, Speech/Speaker/Speaking Part, Spoken Word Producer
Scott Hull Mastering
Don Hunerberg Engineer
Mark Hutchins Engineer, Mixing
Michael Ivey Composer, Engineer, Mixing, Producer
Lonnie Jordan Composer
Tommy Jordan Bass, Bells, Drums, Lyricist, Triangle, Unknown Contributor Role, Vocals
Sabine Kabongo Vocals
Kaz Rap
Jeffrey Kimball Executive Producer
Greg Kurstin Congas, Fender Rhodes, Harmonica, Moog Synthesizer, Sampling, Vocals
La Casa Performer, Primary Artist, Unknown Contributor Role
Harold Lee Composer
Arto Lindsay Producer
John Lurie Composer, Performer, Primary Artist, Producer, Saxophone, Unknown Contributor Role
Billy Martin Percussion
Roger Moutenot Mixing
Valerie Naranjo Marimba
Sylvie Nawasadio Vocals
Gary Noble Engineer, Mixing
Sally Nyolo Composer, Vocals
Struan Oglanby Programming
Astor Piazzolla Bandoneon, Composer, Performer, Primary Artist
George Recile Drums
Lou Reed Composer, Guitar, Mixing, Performer, Primary Artist, Producer, Vocals
Salaam Remi Composer, Producer, Unknown Contributor Role
Susan Rogers Engineer, Mixing, Producer
Steve Rosenthal Engineer, Mixing
Selena Performer, Primary Artist, Vocals
Paul Socolow Bass
Soul Coughing Composer, Group, Performer, Primary Artist, Producer
Spearhead Performer, Primary Artist, Unknown Contributor Role
James Steinberg Artwork, Illustrations
Sebastian Steinberg Fiddle, Unknown Contributor Role, Vocals
Fernando Suárez Paz Violin
Todd Turkisher Drums
Mike Tyler Guitar
Bob Weinstein Executive Producer
Harvey Weinstein Executive Producer
Scott Weinstein Executive Producer
Calvin Weston Drums
Tim White Photography
Carl Young Bass, Composer, Keyboards
Zap Mama Performer, Primary Artist, Unknown Contributor Role
Pablo Zinger Piano

June Radio David Byrne Radio Presents: Everyone Does Everything (Afro Psychedelic 2.0)

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